Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is fast becoming a viable project.

I wasn't planning on messing with the master bathroom (shower only, no tub) until later, but since our champagne-fueled medicine cabinet spree last night, it might become a higher priority. 

In addition to changing the spring green walls to the same white as the rest of the space (at least to start), I want to take out the left wall of the shower surround and replace that wall and the existing door with small-paned steel windows.

I was inspired by these, from Remodelista:

I've begun the search for salvaged steel casement windows, and the NW Harris County Habitat for Humanity ReStore has some!  I'm going to swing by tomorrow after work (with a tape measure!) to check it out.

If the walls are coming down, then the tile is coming out, too.  I'm thinking classic, white subway tile with grey grout for the two remaining walls and the curb, like this from Living Etc. (via Apartment Therapy):

I've been dying to try the real-penny-tile technique used in the bar at the Standard Hotel in NYC (photo from

And now that I have my own place, this is what the floor of the shower wants to be.  Where can you find penny-tile for $0.01 each, anyway?  A bit more labor intensive than normal tile, yes, but well worth it (she says before she knows any better).

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